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Spa-Like Dentistry

Spa-like atmosphere at the Dentist?

Imagine coming in for a dental appointment only to be pampered as it were a day at the spa. We’ve made that a reality! Dentistry today is unlike ever before. Your experience should be comfortable and enjoyable. That is why Dr. Simonds and our team are constantly looking for ways to make your visit here the best dental experience you have ever had!

From the complimentary Paraffin hand waxing and heated neck wraps to the massage chairs and extensive drink menu, you will feel special. With T.V.’s and iPod music players in every room, you can relax while we ensure you maintain a beautiful smile.

Spa-Like Dentistry Massage Chairs Coffee Bar Sterilization Station


Why all this special treatment?

When Dr. Simonds was featured on FOX 28 and KHQ and in the Spokesman Review, he responded: “Our philosophy is that if the patient is calm and comfortable, we can provide better dental care. We have always done these treatments for our extreme makeover patients. Why don’t we do it for everyone? The cost of these luxuries is so little for us to provide, but they make a huge difference for the patients’ comfort.”


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